A few years ago I was given a gift , the most unusually sterling silver choker.  The gemstone is purple Jasper, the setting and link chain is 925 sterling silver. 

I was determined to find other similar pieces, and so my journey began..the quest began, and I discovered the jewelry from Rajasthan, Jaipur  India.  For centuries this royal land has flourished with precious gems and jewelry.  It is the land of deposits of precious and semi precious stones.  There are many stones like emerald, garnet, agate amethyst, lapis lazuli, topaz, and ruby. Jaipur is famed for its variety and designs of jewelery. This pink city Jaipur, has artisans creating  jewelry in stunning shapes; sometimes the artisans also carve little animals and birds from crystal, jade and smoky topaz. This pink city will offer you the best of the royal jewelry you may find worldwide.

 Copper Turquoise jewelry from Jaipir is breathtaking. No two pieces are alike, and the copper runs seamlessly through each piece.  Spider webbing occurs when iron oxide, which can range in color, fills in cracks in turquoise. The pattern is always random

The increased acceptance of turquoise resulted in higher prices.  We offer the finest quality of copper turquoise earrings, set in platinum like 925 sterling silver. 

Sterling Silver Chiming harmony pendants features handmade silver that wraps itself around the bright shining brass ball, creating a magnificent casing of delicate tendrils that generate a vivid pattern and that keeps the brass ball inside.
Stunning Hallmarked 925 silver jewelry with welded ring it dangles on the bail, reviving an antique design that was mastered by  Bali artisans.  Women love attention and this Chiming Sphere pendant gives it to them. In the form of time this magnificent jewelry needed to be made, driven by the idea to embellish women with a romantic, ever lasting jewelry that makes a pleasant soothing sound and makes them feel beautiful.

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