Saturday, September 20, 2014

Jewelry Trends and Jewelry Gift Giving Ideas Holidays are Coming


So the holiday season is approaching and you want to find the perfect jewelry...Its a classic way to show  "I Care"...but you might be running out of ideas. 
Alex and Ani

1.       Stackable Pieces:  Necklaces and Bracelets:  Alex and Ani Bracelets are all the rage in both silver and gold accented with special charms.  Why give one piece of jewelry when you can give a whole stack? Stackable jewelry is one of the top jewelry trends this year. A wrist full of bracelets is a popular look, and this works with thin bangles or a row of wide cuffs going up the forearm. Stackable rings are another way to do this trend; shop for a set of rings that's made to stack, or give a few midi rings (rings that are worn on the first knuckle of the finger) that can be worn along with old favorites.

  Jewelry with Emotion: Why not spell out how you feel with romantic words? Necklaces and charms  with the word "love"  or hearts, For a woman with classic style, choose understated pieces. For a woman who likes a fashion-forward look, choose pieces with larger lettering.

Birthstone jewelry: Many women love to wear their birthstone, and giving birthstone jewelry is an easy way to give a personalized gift because all you need to know is which month she was born in. Think about which type of jewelry she wears the most,

Silver  jewelry: It comes and goes, but Sterling Silver Jewelry is back in style and available in more designs than ever