Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tourmaline Jewelry by Sercret Garden Gems

Tourmaline is an exceptional gemstone that continues to fascinate gem lovers and gemologists. 

As I search for new and unusual pieces of jewelry  tourmaline has captured my heart lately.  So the hunt for finding original pieces to bring to you is on. We at Secret Garden Gems are always searching for unusual designs and welcome folks to contact us with their design ideas.

We have found the following pieces and absolutely fell in love with these pieces below.  Tourmaline comes in a dizzying array of colors and is usually created from more than a dozen elements. If you are looking for a high quality stone that comes in an assortment of very beautiful colors, check out Tourmaline.

Secret Garden gems
There are five bangles that are wrapped with sari silk ribbons and two gold tone bangles. The colors of the silk is amazingly beautiful, both colors are a rich jewel-tone of green and dusty lavender. The tourmaline works perfect with the colors of the silk. I added a few little brass bells from India, a absolute stunning bracelet.

 Silk Ribbon Tourmaline Bohemian Bangle Bracelets