Monday, July 15, 2013

Abalone Shell Pearl and Paua Jewelry

I am so mesmerized by the natural beauty  from our oceans.  I am fascinated by the colors in abalone shell or Paua shell and maybe pearls. The abalone shell and the Paua shell are both well-known among jewelry experts for the rich and iridescent colors they contain.The abalone shell thrives in water with strong waves and currents because this oxygenates the water effectively. A total of 100 to 120 species of abalone exist.
Paua is a species of abalone that is found exclusively off the coasts of New Zealand. It is sometimes referred to as sea opal or marine opal as opposed to its Maori name, paua. 

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Abalone Sterling Silver Earrings

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Bali Jewelry

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The abalone shell, including the paua, is known for its rich and iridescent colors and is consequently often used in jewelry. The inside of the shell tends to be mostly silver in color but with hints of green, blue and sometimes pink. The paua is known for being the most colorful of all the abalone species and displays intense colors. The colors can be green, pink, or purple and blue, and gold or crimson toning is often present


  1. Amazing items! I had always wondered if Paua and abalone weren't the same. Thanks for clearing that up for me!

  2. Lynn I wondered as well. We collect abalone shells during our beach adventures..they are hard to find but we do discover some and will be trying to make some interesting pieces with our finds

  3. Delightful accessories .. cheers !!

  4. I heart reading your blog because I learn so much about the materials that go into creating these extraordinary pieces.

  5. Just gorgeous! I've always loved the look of abalone and have some instruments with abalone inlays.

    1. Oh what instruments do you have with the inlays post some pics would so love to see

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