Monday, November 5, 2012

How to Choose Children’s First Jewelry Collections

I remember my favorite jewelry I received as a child.  There were two pieces in particular, which still remain special keepsakes for me today.   One of the first pieces I received was a watch…Pocahontas -it is animated, and as I move the watch the animations develop. (Yes I still have the watch)

  The second piece was a charm bracelet from my grandparents.  We collected amazing charms, some of my favorites were: a little piano that opened, and the little old lady who lived in the shoe, this opened as well  only to show the little children on the base of shoe.   There was a little phone and when the dial moved spelled I luv u…This bracelet has since been passed on to my own daughter.  Those fond memories I will always cherish…I received these pieces over 50 years ago and recall receiving them like it was yesterday. I remember sitting with my mom and my grandmother hearing stories we made up about those charms.   Those stories remain in our family, and have passed on to our children and nieces…

  Do you have stories you have told that have passed on to the generations…

 Giving keepsakes to our loved ones is so special.   There are so many choices and depends so much on the child and what their loves and passions are.
secret agrden gems
Sister Charm Bracelet
Some ideas: A child's jewelry collections also consist of an Id bracelet or charm bracelet.  You can also find all the birthstones in a child's jewelry collections.  There are different symbols you could get that mean love, hope, or even peace to go on your child's necklace or bracelet.  There are mother daughter bracelets which are very bonding or sister bracelets and necklaces. 

Today, the most common reason for giving jewelry to a baby or child is in the spirit of giving a meaningful gift that
will last a lifetime. 

Personalized infant jewelry is prized as the 21st century's family heirloom gift that will be cherished from one generation to the next.

As this month of Thanksgiving approaches, we have so much to be thankful for and our children are the greatest thanks of all.


  1. loved reading your blog Ronni..and I feel the same way..each of my grandaughters ahs one of our special bracelets and I am in the process of makign each of them a blanket..along with the blanket comes a speech of how much I want this blanket to mean to them...that I wished I had a lot of things in my life that got lost somewhere along moves I had made etc.. I am putting a tag on each blanket with their names from grandmom and the Year Christmas 2012..I hope they keep them forever and treasure them always....

    1. Brenda I know your grandchildren will so treasure those keepsakes forever as they are so made from the heart

  2. I love this lovely story about your bracelet and charms Ronni. Thank you for sharing! And these bracelets are beautiful!

  3. What a great story! I wish I still has some of my childhood things! The bracelet is really beautiful and I love it. I am reminded as I watch my children grow to make sure they keep hold of their keepsakes as long as they can, so that they can enjoy them throughout the years and so can their children.

  4. Neat story! Am awesome way to keep memories. My mother gave me her engagement ring and I have now given it to my daughter. The ring is over 70 years old now. I would encourage everyone to start their own keepsakes and your bracelet is a perfect way to start!

  5. Lovely story.....I particularly love charm bracelets

  6. Lovely beautiful, not sure how a mother could choose!

  7. My grandfather gave me two gifts in my lifetime and one was a charm bracelet which I also still have and adore.

  8. what a neat idea for a blog post!


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