Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Only in America-Hurricane Sandy NYC

Only in America-Hurricane Sandy NYC and Halloween and apocalyptic Devastation

As I am here in my  warm nicely electrically powered  and heated home in suburban  upstate NY this Halloween evening doorbell rings and rings with children trick-o- treating – for candy.  Some children  will say thank you some children just grab the candy and walk away.   A Young lady wheeling a stroller  said “I need water give me a bottle of water”…  I gave her the water and ask if she is OK?.. she turns to run to the fire truck giving out candy..…never to say  “thank you”   for the water..she just walked away…She needed water…really? 

…My family  and so many others in the north east are facing devastation.  Tonight, my daughter has opened her birdcage sized studio apartment so others can come there and get a much needed warm shower and get clean or even just charge a cell phone.  She opened up her tiny studio apartment so her cousin could have a place to sleep until sometime in the future.    Tonight I learned my sister in-law lost her car, completely destroyed. She lives alone, she is retired… she has no power, no toilet, no heat and running very low on water..(SHE NEEDS WATER).    She ventured out along Brighton Beach in Brooklyn  to find a store that would allow her to charge her cell phone.

 She walked down 12 flights of dark stairs  ( no lights no generator in her building).   Time and time again  she would ask the shop owners  if she may charge her cell phone, and each shop owner said no, and no again, you cannot charge your cell phone here.  Finally, a very kind flower shop owner took her in and said yes,  of course you may charge your phone here, come  in and stay awhile.  They fed her and gave her something to drink.  She was moved by the kindness and bought some flowers from the shop owner.  She now walks up the 12 lonely dark flights of stairs through an unlit stairwell, with those fresh flowers. She has water to place them in… yes …she needs water… … Only in Amercia.. 

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