Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wedding Bridal Hair Styles and Hair Jewlery

Kate Moss

When it comes to wedding hair styles there is so much to choose from.  One of the bigger mistakes many brides make  is to change their own appearance ...you should be true to yourself  and adorn yourself with your elegant and natural grace.

 Whether your wedding day hair will be curly, straight, updo, down or somewhere in between,secret garden gems offers you irresistible  hair jewelry to  subtly accent your style

Wedding Hair Jewelry with lustrous Crystals
A  look of dramatic elegance, for when your looking to stand out from the crowd. Hair accessories that are filled with romance and modern couture, from Secret Garden Gems Jewelry

A Triple dot of Swarovski crystal bobby pins. These are silver plated metal and measure 2" long. Will look dazzling and irresistible for any hairstyle, at 

Dainty white pearls and iridescent Swarovski Crystals are intricately woven to the tips of a 12" flexible silver wire. Bouquet accents can now be coordinated and positioned with ease without having to worry about damaging your flowers or centerpiece arrangement. The gorgeous mixture of white pearls and glistening  Iridescent Crystals is the perfect finishing touch 

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